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Voyageurs International Ltd. runs first class tours

to Europe for Ambassadors of Music
groups from all around the United States. 
The company has sent over 200,000 participants abroad for the past 49 years!




About Voyageurs International

Voyageurs International Ltd (VIL) is a Colorado-based company organized in 1970 to take American students and their music to audiences abroad.  In almost 50 years of international travel, VIL has served over 200,000 participants (Ambassadors of Music) and maintained top ratings by the Better Business Bureau.  The company operates in approximately 32 states and is a member of ARC and IATA.  VIL currently runs concert tours and festivals in Europe, and has sent groups to China, the Philippines and (the former) Yugoslavia.


Voyageurs International Ltd is a private company and is still operated by its original owners.  Staff is handpicked from among past and present educators, including the directors of leading colleges and universities across the country, and students must be nominated by their music directors to participate.  For this reason, the company does not solicit business from the general public.  Many references are available upon request.



Voyageurs International Ltd. celebrates its 50th birthday in the year 2020 under the same family ownership.  50 years of organizing tours to Europe, Asia, and other parts of the world, as well as all over the United States.  The VIL staff - including the original owners and some members who have been with the company since its inception - are especially proud of the fact that during every one of our many past years, the thousands of people who have traveled with us all share one thing in common: as members of choirs, bands, orchestras, and performing ensembles, they have always enjoyed being able to perform in a remarkable variety of venues, and always before people much like themselves, who just happen to live in what we call Faraway Places.  At the same time these Voyageurs Musical Ambassadors have experienced matchless adventures in a near-endless list of exciting places, returning home far more aware of the world than when they left.  All of us at Voyageurs pledge to continue this increasingly enviable and precious tradition.  We hope you will join us and become part of the Voyageurs Tradition!


Why Participate

Consider these TEN BEST REASONS for being a Voyageurs Ambassador of Music:


1 - REAL CLASS!  You’ll join an alumni group of over 200,000 students from all over the United States who have travelled abroad with us.  Parents who traveled as Ambassadors themselves are now sending their sons and daughters!


2 - ON-THE-SPOT EXPERTISE! We have City Coordinators in residence in each overnight city when you visit.  They check, re-check, and efficiently carry out all details of your stay.


3 - CONCERT-ED EFFORT! Voyageurs personally arranges your concert locations so that you will have the pleasure of performing for and meeting with the people of the countries you visit.


4 - STATES OF THE UNION! Over forty different states have formed Ambassador groups to perform choral and/or instrumental music abroad.  Most of these groups return on an every-other-year plan and have become a valued tradition in their state.


5 - LOCATION! LOCATION! LOCATION! Our itinerary features a careful selection of large cities plus small villages which makes a wonderfully balanced program.  And your well-located accommodations range from large hotels to small pensions.


6 - EXPERIENCE COUNTS! The Voyageurs Staff has been planning and carrying out student trips for 49 consecutive years.  This long experience really counts.  Every year we prove it!


7 - NO EXPENSIVE SURPRISES! Everything you have read about in this brochure is exactly what you will find included as a part of your adventure...


8 - BOOK-OF-THE-MONTH!  Just before departure you will receive a personal copy of the VIL Handbook called Thresholds as a companion to your journey. It anticipates your needs and provides quality information. And also a thorough day-by-day Trip Plan with valuable TIPS to add richness to your trip.


9 - RETURN PRIVILEGES!  Be prepared to return a Different Person! You should expect to return home with a grand variety of life-enriching world-class experiences and memories!


10 - THE BOTTOM LINE!  Most important and best of all: At this journey’s end you will be a far richer person by having traveled to faraway places, meeting and mingling with many different people and their different ideas.



We asked our Alumni what they liked best about their Ambassadors of Music trip:


“London was even more exciting than I expected!  The first night walk.  The Tower of London, Windsor Castle... I could go on and on!”


“Our concert at the Embankment in London!  There were people in the audience who come each year and they cheered us!”


“I got to have my portrait drawn in Montmartre in Paris by one of the artists that live there today.  It’s great!”


“We had time to walk along the Champs Elysees in Paris.  I’ve heard so much about it and it was just great being there and walking it like the Parisians do...”


“The Eiffel Tower!  They were really right when they said it was an eyeful!”


“I realize now how much people are alike as well as different!”


“Oh, Switzerland!  The Matterhorn was so wonderful and we had so much fun at the last-night party with the fondue and music!”


“I had to make a lot of decisions and I think that was really good for me!”


“Being in small groups let us do extra things.  We got to do the special things our group wanted to do.”


“The stop at Dachau... I learned so much about some of the awful things that really happened there.  I found out a lot and I’m glad we had the chance to go there.”


“Hearing all those people applaud when we performed for them.”


“Making so many new friends who like the things I like.”




The following are testimonials from participants that went on the Greece extension trip:


“Greece is a blast!  Very relaxing, with great food, friendly people, fabulous history, unique shopping, and the Water…OMG talk about BLUE!  The cruise was Awesome!  We took over 70 students last time and we recommend it to everyone.”

     B. Richardson – AZ Tour Director


“The Aegean Sea was stunning, and the islands were each unique and inviting.  I would absolutely recommend the extended tour to anyone that wants another different experience while traveling with the ambassadors.”

    A. Johnson – Nebraska Ambassadors of Music


“Athens is laid back, yet full of excitement.”

    B. Smith, Student Ambassador


“It was an amazing experience” 

    N. Marvin, Student Ambassador


Contact Us!


Many states have Ambassadors of Music that travel as a large group to Europe.  Directors from the area nominate the best musicians to participate in this honor group.  For more information regarding the nomination process, please speak to your school music director.  


Which countries does an Ambassadors group visit?


Typically, a group will travel to England, France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Liechtenstein, and Germany.


Can I contact Voyageurs to get a spot on the next Ambassadors trip?


No, all nominations go through the Ambassador group in each state.  Speak with your director regarding nominations.


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